Security and Surveillance

We provide different security solutions and services that can cover all the physical security levels, those services can protect the clients' investments from being penetrated from outside their firms or inside, by intruders or human mistakes.

We provide our clients with security software and hardware solutions to insure their personal and work safety, by protecting their investments' places with providing them with all the recommended physical security levels and surveillance systems, wired or wireless, fixed or mobile. We depend on our services on highly reliable equipment and applications from our reputable partners and global brands in the security and surveillance technologies field.The following are some examples of the security sections, technologies and uses that we can serve:

Security Section Access control, detection, identification and deterrence.

Secured things Persons, vehicles, buildings, rooms, fences, gates, doors, opened areas, equipment and objects.

Used technologies Night vision, thermal, x-ray, Biometric, laser, infrared, acoustic, smoke, weight, electricity, light, alarms, barriers, ID cards, barcode, wireless and mobile equipment, and central command centers .