New Core provides a wide variety of transportation solutions including, among other things, It Systems, Software products and New Core is developing its business and delivering advanced transportation solutions.

Our services extend beyond Transportation Technology solution into the consultancy field of establishing modern transport infrastructures. Our role is to stay ahead of the innovation curve and simplify and guide the technology that runs your business. In an industry based in customer experience, streamlined operations rooted in the right technology are essential to your success. That’s where we come in.

Transportation technology applications require strong and robust network communications.  New Core has partnered with several vendors to be able to assist in selecting the right solution for your organization.  We assist in product specifications, demo’s, procurement and integration services. 

Today’s transportation technology solutions rely on wireline and wireless communications. Most transportation organizations have communication networks that they own and operate.  New Core has experience operating and maintaining networks for large organizations. .

New Core assists agencies with inventory of the transportation assets including signs, signals, parking etc.  NC also assists agencies with periodic assessments of critical assets.

New Core works on technology projects that enable more advanced transportation operations including use of traffic adaptive, center-to-center integration, situational awareness, etc.  New Core also assists agencies with active monitoring, management, and operations of the systems that monitor infrastructure and assets at the management centers.