Support services

Our Company specializes in communications infrastructure projects and medium to large physical infrastructure projects – specially: industrial, commercial, military, and residential.

Our good reputation and security clearances allows us to access and do projects in highly restricted areas for clients who expect the highest degree of security and confidentiality, in addition to top quality workmanship and deadlines compliance.  
We are accustomed to working on difficult projects under dangerous conditions to meet very tight deadlines.

Our Corporate Vision is: "Iraqi World-Class Provider and Partner" To become an internationally recognized Iraqi Company that is a world class performer of infrastructure projects through the provision of specialized services of highly-skilled, highly-experienced, and highly reliable Iraqi professionals under the most challenging conditions, to singularly or collectively fast-track such projects for the reconstruction of the New Iraq in the fields of:  
IT and telecommunications, energy, transportation, industrial engineering, operations and maintenance, logistics, work camp management and life support. 
To achieve our Vision we are committed to the immediate delivery of accurate, efficient, and consistently exceptional results at all times. This is to be attained through our superior dual Performance of modern technology solutions and professional human resource management, as well as an inclusive and mutually benefiting relationship between our Corporate management and technical associates and staff that emphasizes the development of Iraqi skills and experience.